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Moonshadow Bay - Land Review

Beauty Rexen Posted by in General - May 5, 2014, 11:41 pm


A rustic sea faring village on the land and a beautiful maze with shops in the sky. The sim is a homestead so it has a limit of 20 AVs at a time but is defiantly worth the visit. This sim has 2 buoys (red and yellow) that are ranked #89 with 11,559 votes and #102 with 155 votes. Gold hunt is in the maze surrounding one of the fishing spots and has more gems than I have seen at any gold hunt spot. It is currently ranked #63 with 104,690 votes as it boasts 4 Emeralds, 1 Ruby, 1 Diamond along with several gold coins. The land also includes bronze, iron, and scrap coins as well in multitude. So when you get a chance pop on in it's worth the trip and is a great sim to fish for Bitcoins! If you feel generous there are barrels located near each buoy for donations to the sim that the land owner uses to refill the buoys and coins. Worm barrels are located on the land near the first buoy on the beautiful dock that has 3 public buildings for role play use and an actual role play system can be gotten for free next to one of the buildings. In the sky at the 2nd buoy is the gold hunt in the maze along with 2 shops Gorewing's Designs and Black's Doodle's. Both shops features low prim beautiful designs at a LOW LOW price! Also there is a Dr Who Tea Set Gacha machine! More Gacha Machines to be added soon with different items. Grab the SLURL below and there is a board located near the fishing spot with a LM to the 2nd buoy. Again any donations made to the barrels goes to keep the buoys floating and the gems and coins filled! If you find any empty coins the owner asks that you send her an IM so that she may fill it back up immediately. See you out fishing!


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