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Take some, give a little...please.

Rem Nightfire Posted by in General - May 23, 2014, 7:45 pm


The first thing I want to say is that I love Fish Hunt, Gold Hunt, Worm Farms, Snuffles, all of it.  Its a brilliant and fun game populated by wonderful people.  I have had a red buoy for a few months now and recently have set up areas for snuffles and worm farm rentals.  I really enjoy working with the land to make a beautiful and enjoyable place for people to fish and play this game.  When I first set up my fishing area, I also placed a donation box in the hopes that the income from the box would help offset my expenses of land costs and buoy feeding.  The results from the donation box have been the only disappointing aspect of my experience with the game.  Here are the stats for the past month:  Paid to buoy, 5850L.  Donations, 40L by two individuals (sincere thanks to both of you).  My guess is that other landowners have a similar experience.   I know it is expensive to get geared up to fish, but a typical session at a buoy brings to fishers, especially the highly experienced ones, quite a few Lindens. Throwing even 1L into the box would help.  I don't fish much myself, but when I do I look for a donation box and usually put in 5L.  One or five Lindens is not much to donate, but if many fishers did this, the landowners would be helped so much. So please consider donating some to your friendly landowners; I can guarantee they will appreciate it greatly and be even more motivated to keep those buoys full of fish.  I welcome responses and dialog. 

All the best,


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Ok well this will be my SL biography, since we're here.  I've been around SL for about 7 years and very early on I became involved in land activism.  Through trying to get a 20m ad tower right next to my home moved (if you've been in SL long enough you will remember the ad towers), I met lots of good folks from the Arbor Project and the AD Zoo.  Some of us spent our time blocking said ad towers with sky panels, much to the wrath of their owners.  We started mee

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treto Priestly
May 27, 2014, 3:08 am -

Thank you for this post Rem.

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Rem Nightfire
May 27, 2014, 7:23 pm -

Thanks for responding Treto.  I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sees it this way.  I do realize that the primary purpose or concept of Fish Hunt buoys is for landowners with other venues to increase traffic and make their place more popular - a form of advertising if you will.  But I have also seen many buoys in places where it is obvious that increasing traffic is not the main goal.  For many of us buoy owners, the love of the game is the main reason we spend money on buoys.  Happy fishing!

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