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Time for a - Blog... or How to Avoid Lag an high X fishing events... observations from an oldtimer

Jisper Darkfold Posted by in General - May 27, 2014, 5:17 pm


hi all, it's been a while.

This holiday weekend gave a lot of us a shot at 10x, 4x, 3x ect fishing events. As always, these events attracted A LOT of avatars and a lot of lag. There is no way avoiding the stolen fish, the wiggled free fish, or the "o dear" messages- those are all in timing, and even the best fisher is going to get a few at a busy event. However there are ways to reduce LAG to make fishing easier for you and those around you.

1) Go prepaired in a LOW ARC or Render Weight outfit. Leave the flexy at home, try a low poly mesh hair, ditch the extra scripts. all you need is your rod anyway, so pare down if you can.

2) Give up a little SL viewer bling - turn your settings DOWN on your graphics, knock down the numbers of avis that are not imposters as low as possible (even to 1) and cap your draw distance at 32 meters. - trust me it'll help.

3) Since other avis are not necessarily thinking about the lag they cause - as a last resort use temp derender on those that are very high render weight - you can see these numbers under Avatar - avatar health - Show render weights in your viewer settings.

Being nice to land owners and other fishers is a great way to get in some excellent fishing. Cutting down your lag and the lag of those around you makes the experience at these festive high mulitplier events even better.

If you have other tips for reducing lag please post in comments below.


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Jisper Darkfold

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Archon and Elder Dragon of BellaMorte Bloodlines Clan,Master to Kitkat Darkfold, Dessia Darkfold, Aaron Jace Williams and Shaylynn Dara Healy,  Father to Neveah Lacombe Darkfold, Akasha Ixtar, and Dakota Adasia, Family is everything, the rest is gravy.

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dayz Short
May 28, 2014, 5:58 am -

Very well written blog with great how-to instructions. Thank you!

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