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Well that was Rude

ErinnaRosebud Resident Posted by in General - May 29, 2014, 1:09 am


First of all I would like to say Im sorry for my little outburst with the whole website copy confusion. Wonderful secondlife decided to crash me over 33 times in ohhhhh 1 hour so I was slowly about to blow. Anywho just wanted to say something to the owners of the places that hold these fishing events and such. Cause I got a wonderful ejection for noooooo reason just flat out nothing.........I don't want to throw everyone in a tussy but that was just RUDE a warning of what I was doing wronge would have been NICE! I mean if you want us fishers to engage with the partons dont force us, seriously I mean yes we bring in traffic yes we vote for you but if we just want to sit listen to your music and have a nice relaxing time in silence don't boot us cause we are not the more overly entergtic or in some cases sex crazed as the people of the sim. It just sort of upset me that people go out their way to get people to their area with these games and once we come and not act in a way they want you get the boot! I won't state the place that this this to me Ill just say please please consider that everyone has their own personality and way of doing things.........On a side not \o/ Im almost their of getting my shubbie woooo!!!!!

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Hello Just a old lady who likes fishing! I would love any help or advice in me improving my way of getting this game down packed and building my way up in the community! Im 40 years old and I stay in the south with alot of grandkids and my father. I do love bright colors and also being a well you guessed it a furry. My favorite activities on secondlife is exploring, going classes to learning, fishing, hosting at cash cow games and also just hanging out. Welp thats it and I hope to hear from y

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dayz Short
May 30, 2014, 2:02 am -

Hello =))   just a note about communication. Sometimes the boot to the butt is a misunderstanding or a badly aimed or miscopied name - mistaken identity. I strongly suggest contacting the landowners afyer such a situation and pleasantly asking what rule was trampled by you soo that next time you can be sure to sidestep it. This opens a basis of communication between owner and user that can develop into a better understnding of each side and a more pleasant experience for the future. Yes an explanation would be nice - step up and ask for one politly and graciously - accept if the fault was your own, explain if it wasnt. =)  Communication is key

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ErinnaRosebud Resident
May 31, 2014, 12:38 am -

Thats the thing I did. I spoke with the people sitting around at first asking is their something I was doing. I only had 30 seconds to at least right click on the land to get the owners name. I still have not yet gotten a answer sooo Im not sure what I did so wronge. It just confused me and my grandfather always told me better let it out than keep it bottled in. So I was just letting out my opinion but thanks dayz your always welcomed to give a comment.

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