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The Illusion of Real Life.

BlackLusterOne Resident Posted by in Personal - May 31, 2014, 12:46 pm


A little something I though of.


SL itself creates worlds.

Anything you want, with the snap of the fingers.

As visual learners, your eyes are what you are used to learning of the world around you, and in SL.

It creates the illusion of someone's imagination, and invites others from their own world of imagination to be shared with others.

What you see, when interacting with it will set your perception of it.

Which now brings me to my point of this article, "The Red Pill and Blue pill dilemma."

If you are unfamliar with the red and blue pill metaphor, it originated from the movie: "The Matrix," where a man had to decide if he wanted to see the truth, or live in "Wonderland" where life is how he knows it.


Some have their reasons keeping SL strictly SL, while some actually see IRL and SL as one in the same.

But what many don't know, is that there is a boundary between IRL and SL.  It has ALWAYS been there, but only appears when the time has come and things are set into place.

What is this boundary, you ask?

It's what divides SL and IRL away from each other, and to protect the consumers of either the red and blue pill to give them what they hopefully desire.

In this case for the consumers of the blue pill, the boundary is used to protect their "Wonderland" and illusion.


Not an illusion, per se, BUT an image.  And a closer identity of the one behind the keyboard.

What if the Barbie model doll is this male, amorphous, balding, blob behind the keyboard?

What if she really IS a model?

Is this person themselves purely?  Partially? A little?  This can be an exception to the boundary rules: when you go as yourself in SL.  What you see is what you get.

But what if they were lying the whole time; their polar opposite of them, where they know they can do something out of the norm without any real consequences of the unknown?

You don't know.

Some choose to take the blue pill and dream in SL as they seem fit. 

Some choose the red pill and want to know more of the one behind the AV.

The Siren's call of curiousity can be enticing as it is bountiful or even destructive.

Now what you see is what you get from me, the writer of this musing.

I... the freako writing, have crossed the boundary many times.

And it's been faithful to me.

I won't promise it'll give you what you want, nor will it disappoint you.

I...  can't give a simple: "It will" or "it won't"

But please understand... that the golden rule of those that take the blue pill, it composes of the ones who choose live in "wonderland..." They are unable to speak or even see the one behind the AV IRL.  Because to cross this boundary as a believer of the blue pill, is the most sacred taboo of theirs. 

Consumers of the red pills tend to have strong feelings in regards to truth.  They must accept the truth as is, while changing what they can, and to let things beyond their control be as is.  For them to defect to the blue pill, would be to violate their sacred code of truth...  They would have to sacrifice the cornerstone of their decision, the truth, and accept the illusion as is...  and beyond their control.

So know this....

Choose carefully your pill to take.

Because it may either make your "Wonderland" more of not only a reality and your RL a bit (or even a lot) better....

Or even destroy it and leave you with nothing.  Not only beyond repair, but continue to crumble your world even when the damage is catastrophic and done...  Both IRL and in SL.

In the end, it's your call.  Only YOU can affect the outcome of it all.

So...  What'll it be?~


When boredom strikes, I write stuff.  Like that.  Thank you for reading.~

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ScarlettSaraJane Resident
December 5, 2016, 12:13 pm -

I met my RL partner(husband too be) in SL. 

I created my avatar too look cool,  i  just treated this avtar like any other game avtar. to match my personality. 

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