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ErinnaRosebud Resident Posted by in General - May 31, 2014, 11:05 pm


I first would like to state \o/ I love debats and for those to fight for their point of view. Buuuuut their is a fine line between debat and discouraging someones goal in doing something. Expecially if they never even give it a try yet. Well here is the debat tell me what you think. Is their a profit in worm farming? Side A states with mathmatical proof that their is not and its basically a waist of time period. Side B agrees but thinks their is a profit if you do more than just farming but combine those with all the other games the community has to offer to truely get a profite and a fun experence to the whole gold hunters family. Buuuut Side A still wanted to state their research and knowlege with how "farming worms" is not a profit what so ever! Side B is getting slightly frustrated cause Side A is not listening to the whole point of what they just said. Soo tell me is their a profit in worm farming lets hear the debat!

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Hello Just a old lady who likes fishing! I would love any help or advice in me improving my way of getting this game down packed and building my way up in the community! Im 40 years old and I stay in the south with alot of grandkids and my father. I do love bright colors and also being a well you guessed it a furry. My favorite activities on secondlife is exploring, going classes to learning, fishing, hosting at cash cow games and also just hanging out. Welp thats it and I hope to hear from y

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dayz Short
June 1, 2014, 2:46 am -

Hello. =)   There is, wirthout a doubt, profit in worm farming. I am going to discuss only the small worms farms in this instance, as it doesn't apply to the other types of worm farms.  Firstly understand that as with most things, the profit to be gained is reached in a long term manner rather than the immediate gain most are looking for. I say this because before you can realize any profit, you must first pay off the costs of the farm or farms. Lets say your goal is to be a top farmer in the game and you want to be able to farm all the worm types. In order to do this you muust begin with the smalls. that is a game rule. you must reach certain levels of farming experoience to progress to the next worm level. So farming smalls is formost a stepping stone to being able to raise other types of worms. (please note - there is no debate on if you profit from raising the other types - it is a definitive YES). so are small worms profitable? In the sense that they allow you the ability to move up the worm farm ladder...yes. \o/

Now combine that with this - if you are a fisher, and esp if you fish alot, owning your own small worm farm becomes profitable in a difrent manner, where your profit is realizded through decreased costs of fishing worms for your use.  Once your farm is paid for, if all you do is farm worms to supply your own fishing needs, you will certainly see a profit.

Now lets combine the two examples - start off with one or two small worm farms to supply your own needs, and when youre finally able to buy into the next level of worms, Tasties - you can expect to see nice visable profit from each tasty worms sale. As those profit margins are larger thasn smalls.

There are other variables that add even more measns of profit here, but become too cpomplicated and i dont want to write a book here. But if you contact me in-world i am happy to explain further =)

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