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Oh that Cave!!!

Sameirah Raleigh Posted by in General - June 7, 2014, 5:25 pm


Sooo I am back!! Yay!! I had a break, but break is over and I am back to share my SL story's with you all! 

So normaly I like to go fish, but yesterday I landed here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vengeful%20Spirits/117/116/1192.. I landed into a cave where a woman was carving some wooden stick.. I asked her where I was, but she just looked at me and growwld. So i just run off in to one of the other caves there.And quess what!!! I found a coin! And ofcourse you don't let coins laying around. I came into a room with a pretty pretty flower. There where butterfly's around it and it smelled amazing!!!! I wanted to take it home with me. But I am afraid the carving wood woman would be very angry with me then. So I just took a picture and left it there, hoping I found me some more coins.

Pretty Flower

I walked on and saw some weird stuffs laying around. I looked better and saw that they where traps. Now my mom told me to NOT step into them. They might hurt you!! She was right. My knee hurts now frown, I have a blue bandage smiley.

But!! I walked on and came into this beautiful cave. There where green crystals and I felt like hanging there forever. Ofcourse I took some pictures again. Because pictures are memories and I love memories.

Crystal Cave

I'll found me some more coins and wonderd off for a bit. It suddenly got colder and ofcourse I diddent had a jacket on me. And ofcourse I was wearing summerclothes. I found a cave with a iceearth that was spinning around. I walked under it to see if there where tiny people on that earth. But I couldent see any. Or they must have bin hiding from me.. Because to them I am a hugeeeeeee giant! 

I scared the tiny people!!!!

Ice Cave

I had to go there fast.. Cause well, freezing my butt off and turning blue! So I turned left and it got hot... Soooo hot that I was glad wearing my summerdress! But it also got scary, there was this strange sound. And I saw this red glow in the end of the cave. I went down on my knees and crawled to the end of the cave. The floor was getting hotter and hotter and I really wanted to turn around. But.... I am way to curious. What I saw was this......

Fire Dragon

I turned around and run!!!!!!! That dragon diddent look very nice. But that issent all!!! I run into a room and heard the door closing behind me! A strange metal voice said something about me being registerd. With every step I took the floor lighted up. I saw this map. I think it is from the cave, but i couldent translate it. I took a picture, so I could look at it later. 

Map of the cave

I walked on and saw this strange floating woman.. She kept saying that i was registert. Well nice for her!! But I wanted to get out!!!!!! I wassent paying attention anymore if I could find me some more coins. 

The woman

Behind the woman was a stairs. I thought "RUN" and I run up the stairs! But what I saw there was the most scary! There was this cavetroll.. It had mushroom on his head. It said "I have golden coins you can have them" I just shaked my head wanted to go away. He looked kindda sad. But I knew he was just acting sad!! He askt me again if I wanted to have the coins. I just took a picture, because I know if i diddent nobody would believe me!! The flash blinded the troll and I run!

Cave Troll

Suddenly there was the wffeeewwwwwww sound, a flash of light and I found myself home! I couldent understand what happend, and thought I was dreaming. Until I checked my pictures!

Here is the proof!! I told you it is all true! There is probally more scary stuff in that cave. And if you wanna look, well go ahead! But don't come cry to me if you got scared!!!

Huggles Sammy

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