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Linden Labs practice of locking down your business SL account

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - June 12, 2014, 12:43 pm


For the sake of my business in Second Life and the sake of thousands of other businesses in SL that can have similar thing happen to them I am publicly stating that I do not approve practice of having your Second Life business account locked down for unknown amount of time and without any reason given.

This is 2nd time that Linden Lab has put my main business account (Wili Clip) on administrative hold (Last time 2 years ago) against my will and without even stating the reason.

They do not respond to any of my support tickets since 1 and 2 days (

one from June 24, 2014, 10:49
and another from June 26, 2014, 5:30 a.m.


Even when I phoned LL support department woman on the phone said she does not know and can't give me any information regarding status of my account and that it will probably take several days for me to get reply on my support ticket regarding having account on hold.

When I demanded she connects me with a superior in company that could give me more information on what exactly is going on she replied "I am sorry but LL has set up a system where you can not get anyone from abuse department on phone. She said that she has put ticket on highest priority and that she will try to speak to someone and said sorry."

I run several gaming systems in Second Life. Me not having access to my account is disrupting my business. Not knowing what exactly is going on and when can I expect access to my account is creating me a lot of stress and I believe unnecessary frustrations.

My main gaming SL group has over 21 500 residents in it and number of registered players in all my games is over 70 000 and several thousand of them is daily active.

To achieve such a large numbers of players and users of my systems I have worked 3 years and mostly days and nights and have been offering personal support to all my customers on daily basis. I have invested my life into this virtual business and if Linden Lab does me any wrong such as unlawfully banning my business account I'll sue.

Reason for which I believe that Linden Lab locked my account is connected to 2 days old avatar that sent (as a gift) potentially stolen L$ funds to my account against my will (Wili Clip) 3 days ago.

When I saw that suspicious transaction to my account I have opened an abuse support ticket with Linden Lab right after it happened.

Following is a copy of this abuse ticket that is to this day not replied by LL support or abuse department:

I have removed the real name of avatar that made suspicious transaction to my account because it contains the name of my RL homeland.

Details for Case #: 01946993

Case Summary

Date Created June 24, 2014, 10:49 a.m.
Case Type Abuse Appeal
Case Status New

What is the name of the account you are contacting us about?
2 day old avatar sent large sums (L$13480) - no reason

* Please provide information about your abuse appeal.


Today an avatar named *********99 made 2 transactions to my account for no reason. I contacted this avatar through IM soon after and he was already logged out. I've checked profile and account was created 2 days ago.

[10:38] *********99 paid you L$13480.
[10:38] *********99 paid you L$3735.
[10:41] Wili Clip: hello
[10:41] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

I am concerned that an avatar who is only two days old is sending me large sums of money and has made an avatar with the name of my homeland in his account name. Please tell me what I should do about this ?

Transactions in question:
2014-06-24 10:39:01 4a8c0bfd Source: *********99 Resident
Region: Learning Island 3 L$3735


2014-06-24 10:38:46 8fe27e33 Source: *********99 Resident
Region: Learning Island 3 L$13480

Please advise.


Because the name of 2 days old avatar that sent malicious transaction to my account had the name of my home country in it I believe that someone has done that intentionally.

2 days later after that transaction from 2 day old avatar (what I believe was malicious transaction) happened I found my main business account (Wili Clip) locked down / put on administrative hold by Linden Lab.

Account that has sent malicious funds is deleted (does not exist anymore). This indicates that LL has already banned/deleted that account and rolled back his malicious transaction and they are still holding my account in captivity (on administrative hold).

I have requested Linden Lab for information on why is my account put on administrative hold (what is happening and why did they do that) and they are not giving any information to me. Now my business account is locked down for unknown period of time.

I do not understand, I am appalled and I do not approve such practice of Linden Lab where they will lock down your account (put on administrative hold) and prevent you access without giving you any REASON or EXPLANATION why they are doing that and for how long.

Just anyone of you can have sent malicious (stolen) L$ to your account by a SL thief avatar/account and if this is a standard procedure of Linden Lab in such cases any one of you can find your account locked down / on administrative hold by unknown period of time and for unknown reason because when you phone the company they will not give you any explanation.

This is happening to me 2nd time and I have been contacted by many people in SL that have told me they had similar thing happening to them/their account.

I believe that it was totally unnecessary to lock my account down because someone sent malicious transaction to my account. Especially when it was me who opened a support ticket and notified them about it.

I am shocked and appalled by such practice of Linden Lab.

Picture is from 2 years ago when we had same thing happening. Our community members have picked up the signs yet again.

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Community Comments

Sblaim Resident
July 17, 2014, 2:27 pm -

Well...I was banned with others avatars just because I everyday did big transations and was a bank for some friends too, lidens banned me,I phone them,attendant told me can´t say what are happen, just for me forgot my account and create another...and lost all my things and a lot of $$$, go understand the policy from LidensLab.

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LouKHB Resident
July 20, 2014, 10:20 pm -

glad ur account is active again willi , and i hope that wont happen to u again .. btw , what happened to the exchange blogs ? ,and is it still running and when will the beta end if it is and we can draw our money from it ?

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

I would like to thank again to all members from my social gaming community Linden Gold Hunters who have carried up the sign "Free Wili" inworld and especially those that have posted in this forum and I'd also like to thank to SL Universe forum community for helping raising the issue.

The issue still stands and we should not approve practice where Linden Lab will lock down your account where you conduct business in Second Life without at the same time giving you justifiable reason for doing it. Especially when they are made fully aware that your business is at stake.

I believe that I have made my case clear. Someone has intentionally sent stolen funds to my main business avatar. Someone could in similar fashion send stolen funds to your main business avatar and cripple your business for unlimited amount of time.

I've been speaking primarily in interest of my business but at the same time I want to believe that in this case I am speaking in the name of all virtual businesses. Because there will always be trolls that will want to destroy your business for different reasons.

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