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dayz Short Posted by in General - June 22, 2014, 8:18 pm


Hello. In order to make the experience of filing a ticket with our helpdesk a more productive and practical solution for us all, there are a few things that you should know.

1. when we respond, it is sent to you in an email. your email service may very well put our response in your spam folder. often times our response is a request for more information and if you do not check your spam folder for us, your ticket will set in our open files for ever. This solves nothong for you and clogs up our open tickets directory.You end up feeling we have ignored you and nothoing gets sorted for your issue. This is not a happy place to be. Please - when you file a ticket with us, check daily for our response in your email and in your spam folder.

2. this is a large community and many tickets get submited daily. yours will be attended in its turn. some issues take further investigation from our support staff and may take a few days to respond to.

3. If you are asking for a special consideration in your ticket, it may well take us many days to respond as the special circumstances of your situation are looked in to and considered. For example, if you are requesting wili to resend an item and have no proof you even bought said item, you may expect us to take ample time to investigate the issue , the cuircumstances, and your character as the idea of replacment is considered. allow that time, as the alternative is a flat out no.

The bottom line is, the ticket system is there to help the community get their issues addressed as well as to help the staff in addressing them. If you file a ticket  provide as much pertainent information as you can with supporting logs where needed, ample description of the issue, etc. check for responses daily and look in spam folder, and be patient - we all want a happy commmuntiy and you are not being ignored =)

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