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dayz Short Posted by in General - June 25, 2014, 6:02 am


somebody sent us a public conversation where one party was dissing the game, the creator, the staff, etc.  
While I was appaled at the outragious lies the disser was sying, I was even more shocked at the beliefs of the listener.
I'm not going to dissect the conversation or beliefs. Thias isn't the place for that. I am going to clarify a few things though.

1. The GMs of LGH are also fishers and hunters and people, we are not automated bots that react in the same way to every situation becasue we know each situation is difrent, depending on many variables like intentions, tone, provokation, past history, etc.

2. The thing we mostly understand is that, to many many of our members , our games are a way of life. They are bound to home and PC for various life situation reasons and we are the only socialization they get, we are the only escape, reason to get up, thing to look forward to, thing that brings smiles or laughter or friendship. We don't take that lightly. 


3. We may mute for temprary 24 hours time out if the situation warrents it but we dont ban from this game without great forthought from the lead GM and much discussion between The Wili and the lead GM and much back and forth between the GMs . And all those variables I mentioned earlier are taken into consideration, as well as others. 


4. We do know the cost of the equipment we offer and we do know how hard many of you work to save for that equipment and it does matter to us. You all matter to us. From the noob to the seasoned hunter we rarily hear from and all in-between,


5. if you see or hear that we have game banned a person, understand that we agonized over the descision and it was not made lightly. Not even the group ban choice is made lightly. In fact, no descision that governs our interactions with our members is ever made lightly or taken without thought and discussion where needed. You may not like some of the rules we keep in our chat rooms, but please dont take them to mean we act thoughtlessly or without mercy or fairness

enough said

ps  - sorry - but the thought that some of you might think the GMs of LGH or this company dont care what you think or feel was so distastfull that I had to speak out

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