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Happy Independence Day!!!

Kelunis Resident Posted by in General - July 4, 2014, 7:06 pm


Happy 4th of July!!!!!


Well today was another quick fishing day, only 40 minutes. So many multipliers today Raging, Fallen, Ocean Rising, Exotic Games, Nerds United, Innovation Game, Treasure Box Gaming, Denver and Tainted. Since I didn't have much time I went with Raging because it was 4x event. Normally I would go with the other choices because they all have fishpots and raging doesn't but I don't have much time.

So off to raging I go.  It did not take long to reach my daily minimum of L$ 25, only 15 casts. 

I was thinking last night at work, I know that can be dangerouse, it may take a long time to reach 1 million Lindens.  So I am going to take some money out of my investment portfolio at CAPEX and buy a worm farm. I must increase my income, I am hoping this will do the trick. I know it will most likely start in small amounts like fishing but I know it will increase with time. I may even look into other sources of income provided by LGH.

Back to Raging, while I am fishing I keep hearing random sound clips while fishing.  It's like the same 5 clips over and over, does anyone know what that is? I would love to mute it, really annoying.  Final tally for fishing today was is 30 Lindens, 45 minutes.


CAPEX L$5,059.12 + Fi$hunt - L$30 = L$5,089.12


Any ideas on creating more income?







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dayz Short
July 4, 2014, 11:09 pm -

hello =))    i have some suggestions. First...go into worm farming with the acceptance of one known value - unless yu intend to buy many many farms acceptthat only one or two farms willl certainly help pay for your fishing costs but willnot provide you with the additinal income yourelookimng for. with farming you are required to start with the smalls...build farm xp to graduate to the tastys...and so on..the value in small worm farm comes from the help it provides fishers and the fact that it is a required stepping stone to get to raise tasy worms...which, btw, does provide a mucgh better profit \o/  besides, why spend your capital whenn you can find additional income by using our other game systems. For instance, coin hunting...many many hunters make a very nice income by hunting coins alll day and attending the gold rushes. still others make the rounds of the trivia lands...where they can earn income by answeruing our trivia queations all day. both these ativities are free to pursue and soanything made is profit =) good luck and above all - have fun \o/

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Kelunis Resident
July 5, 2014, 5:40 am -

Thank You for the input Dayz Short.  I eventually plan on using every type of gaming opportunity provided by goldtokens.net.  I have coin hunted a few times and plan on doing more in the future. Always glad to hear solid input from the people who know the most about the product.  

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October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Buying Small Worms Farm lets you earn from 20 % on more per each fish you catch because if you farm for your own worms you're creating your worms at a price that is at least 20 % cheaper then you can get from Small Worms exchange.

Buying a Small Worm farm or few as you're starting and working up your experience is a wise investment and will  let you make up more with your fishing.

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