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Cherry18 GIRLS SCHOOL!!!

Lolita McAllister Posted by in General - July 9, 2014, 8:59 am



HELLO, Pixel Pioneers & Virtual Virtuosos!


AmyNevilly's Gold Rush blog about writing blogs suggests that you write a lot of information and then make your pitch at the end of your blog. She has very helpful advice in this article, which I am following with glee, so I suspect she knows just what she is talking about. However, as the founder, owner and Governess of Cherry18 (est. 2006) I am going to do it a little differently this time just for fun. 

                                                                                     Check out AmyNevilly's blog!

At Cherry18 Girls School we teach by example, and I think the best way to provide meaningful information is to describe exactly what we have been doing that makes our sim so fun and fruitful! Nothing does that better than our annual newsletter. So here are a few fun snippets to give some idea of who we are and what we do ... and who we do! If you like what you see please join us anytime - we are open 24/7 and traffic comes and goes in waves...

                                                                            Visit the school in SL's virtual world!!!


Cherry18 Girls School Mission Statement:

We work to become the best in SL in order to fight loneliness and help bring world peace.


Our mottos:

From Rabelais: Do what thou Wilt!

Our own: Merry , merry, take a cherry!


Cherry18 Culture and Image

We are an Adult community so you have to be 18+ to visit. We value integrity and objectivity, manners and friendliness, and a professional and casual atmosphere. The ladies @ Cherry18 are known as the cutest and sweetest in SL! The Cherry girls love Chat, Voice and Cam. It is a family from a global community that plays SL as a game for FUN! 

We at Cherry18 have the experience of over seven years in this business.  We have seen literally hundreds - maybe thousands - of other clubs come and go. Cherry18 is a place of prestige and possibility.  


Cherry18 Mall and School Fashion Store

Our Marketplace store has been born! Please bookmark it & visit it again in a few weeks once we have added more items! Be sure to set your Maturity levels to see everything! 
                                                              Visit the School Fashion Store pages on Marketplace ONLINE!
Cherry18 has been a leader in virtual teen school needs since 2006.
Come visit the Cherry18 Mall inworld @ Lolita Park Sim, the center of Teen School Fashion, and home to many of the best shops in SL!
Cheerleader, Pyjamas, School Uniform, Gothic Lolita, and many other creative styles and unique fashions form Cherry18 School Fashion's growing collection.
Renovations are running slightly behind but the Cherry18 Mall is set on course for some HUMONGOUS changes in 2014!!!
Visit the Cherry18 Mall !
Obviously the Best in (Adult) 
~ Teen and Schoolgirl Fashion ~
The #1 STOP for top American, French and German everyday supercute and seductive fashion. ~
Danika Design, Lolita Park: Our Anchor Store!!!
EDELFABRIK Sarah's Style Factory
Kieli **  Decadent Designs Clothing
Blow-up Clothing, Accessories & Gears
DrLife Hair and Skin 
School's Out! ** Danimations
Sweet Fashion ** Mama Allpa 
VGS Black Market ** SL ------- Models
Old School Classics HaxWorx
                                                          Visit Cherry18 Mall & the School Fashion Store in the virtual world of SL!



Come to our fun WEEKLY theme parties and take home some prize $L every Friday at 2-4 pm SLT!

DONT FORGET to join our fan group! (You can even hide us from your profile by opening the group profile and unchecking "Show in my profile" at the bottom left. Even tho we love it best when you show us off and you can even put us in your profile picks!! :)
Just touch the droid on the front porch to join!!!

Cherry18 DEPARTMENTS and BUDGET 2014

We are choosing a program to track the Cherry18 Budget for better transparency and better spending decisions. Every department will help determine its budget and the distributions will be finalized by Lolita. 

Human Resources
Accounting & Finance
Graphic Design/Build

We have established the mentor system @ Cherry18, as a pyramid shaped network of Cherries, from the most senior Cherry girl to the newest trainee. This organization allows us to define staff positions and pass on responsibilities to experienced proteges. We know that Cherries each have their favorites on staff that they talk to, and we just want to be sure that EVERY cherry has ONE on staff they can always go to, and who occasionally checks in with her. 


WWW.CHERRY18.NET is being created and will be fully operational in 2014!!! It has great forums, profiles of the Cherries, virtual tours of Lolita Park Sim and all our secret nooks and crannies, and many more features you will not want to miss!


Advertising is a big part of our marketing campaign. We advertise on several fronts and in 2014 our marketing will include:. 
Group notices and IM shout-outs
Our PG Parcel in Yongchon is our outreach to the PG world in SL! (www.secondlife.com)
Search engines
SL Destination Guide
Avatar Ads
Website: www.cherry18.net
In-world club advertising
In-world media and publications; magazines
SL advertising networks/ ad agencies 


Do you know who translated all of our material from English to serve our growing international community?
To those who volunteer precious time and labor to the cause of Cherry18, we all offer our sincerest thanks: 
Alizee Latour translating for French speakers
Sophie Parnas translating for Dutch speakers
Monyka Barrett (monyka.nishi) translating for Spanish speakers.
Our German translator has gone missing so the position is open!



~ Cherry18 Mall ~ School Fashion! ~
Cherry18 GSC!!! Board of Directors
Cherry18 & Co. (the SL Company)
Cherry18 GSC Security Staff!!!
Cherry Guard No. 1 Detachment (the General Managers)
Cherry18 Dating Cafe
Lolita Empire
~.Lolita Empire Inc.~


So that is a quick peek at Cherry18! There is sooooo much more to learn that it is hard to decide just what to include here and what to leave out. We are a sisterhood, a family, a community, and we welcome anyone who can get along with others. We have many languages and people from all over the world. We are college students, tech geeks, CEOs, bankers, farmers, nurses, lawyers (but dont let that turn you off!), laborers, teachers, bums, poets, schemers, dreamers and screamers and we all are different. Come and be yourself. Find what you are looking for here. 

                                                                Visit the school in the virtual world of SL and share the experience...

Thank you for joining us @ Cherry18 GIRLS SCHOOL!!! and being a part of our community!


loli ♥


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