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Rant about new Snuffle HQ

RainLei Resident Posted by in General - July 13, 2014, 4:55 am


As many of you may know, there is a small market in renting out space to worm farmers, with the avarage rate being any where from L$4 for 2 prims a week to L$25 for 15 prims a week. this is accepted as normal, many want to farm but dont have land, so they search for rentable space or use their clans land which depending on the clan, has a space just for the members. 

My rant is about how the revamped snuffle HQ has spaces for rent, at the lowest prices in the market, L$4 for 2 prims a week. Now I may just be speaking to the tumble weeds when I say I find this slightly pertruding into this small market by the Snuffles HQ. By renting space at HQ with resourses just above the renters head, they can seemingly hold a monopoly on the market, with the resourse sell terminals so close, residents wont look very far for places to rent, leaving landlords with out tenants, and a small source of income. I personally think this is a bit much for the Snuffle HQ to do just after getting a new wind of development going. I personally wish to see these spaces either removed all together, or the pricing raised so as to allow for better room of competition in the farm space rental market, because as GM's setting a price on something is like setting a standard that says "this is how much this commodity should cost".

End rant.

p.s. If any action is taken against me for speaking my mind I'll scream foul buissness play so loud your grandchildren will hear it!

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Just a simple fur fishing the stress of her day away. I delve into being a land baron from time to time, aswell as making things in blender (ask me about my marshmallows I dare ya!), I currently can't script to save my life, but maybe someday. I worm farm on the big scale when I have extra income, hope to one day own 10+ magic farms, but for now I have to get past the enchanted barrier.

Community Comments

October 6, 2014, 2:59 pm -

Rentals are organized by Kali Christenson and she gets any proceeds from it and that is according to agreement I made with her. Snuffles HQ have a limited amount of prims that she can rent.

Kali Christenson is Marketing Director for Snuffles and she was brought to Snuffles product / virtual company because of her knowledge and experience with breedables. Kali Christenson and her partner marketing director Hullken are working to attract new Snuffle breeders by spreading the word about them through large network of different breedables sims.

Snuffles HQ is not part of ADS games. Snuffles is managed as its own independent company entity and it is also traded on Capex Educational Stock Market Simulation: http://slcapex.com/trades/symbol/SNUF

Snuffles company pay weekly rent to ADS company for the land on Business Park. ADS virtual company also rents land and many small stores at same per prim price to wider public.

Goal of renewed marketing efforts for Snuffles is to follow through different modifications to the product to gain hundreds and possibly 1000s of new players breeders. This would increase the demand for virtual land (from snuffle and farms needs) that would suffice for hundreds virtual land suppliers.

I've just checked at what prices Kali is renting spaces for farms and on rental device says 4 L$.

As  majority stakeholder in Snuffles product I am staying away from micro rentals for farming products.  If you feel there is any need for pricing adjustements please IM Kali Christenson. I know that she is a very reasonable person and you can work it out with her.

Have fun \☺/


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