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For a Job - Humans Need Not Apply

Goldtokens Posted by in Announcements - August 20, 2014, 2:23 pm


In current modern times it has come to a point where robotization and computer automation will take over human labour if we want it or not. Our economic system is getting out of date and it  will need to be structurally changed. Curent economy is entirely based on humans who through a job get money and use the money to buy products and services. More people have a job and get some money more products and services they can purchase and that positively affects GDP (gross domestic product). But today we all know that jobs are scarce (hard to get) and more and more people are without a job which means that they can not get enough money and in effect they can't spend for more products and services. Today whole world is in a serious economic problem because when there is a critical mass of people without jobs this has a negative effect on gross domestic product (GDP). If a country does not have a positive GDP it can not pay off the debts as people without jobs can not buy products and services.  And this is a problem we are facing today all over the world.

A lot of debt was piled up through big financials systems and through national debts set for future generations to pay it off. On one side debts are growing for next generations to pay it off and on another side it looks like a growing number of peopel from our future generations won't have any jobs to make money which makes our current economic system that is based on infinitive demand for new products and services out of balance and broken.

What I've described is current economic reality and all the economic variables, statistics and events happening globally are symptoms indiating that our economy is terminally ill.

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LouKHB Resident
August 21, 2014, 4:20 pm -

go fight club .
nice words .. and any economic major student or grad. , would like them .. but the simple fact is .. humans are idiots , we like to be classified , rich poor middle class , no doubt most would love to be considered rich ofc .
we created the money concept to make thing easier , instead of not taking services from other in exchange for our own that we might not need , still , ppl who had nothing to offer where very scares back then because they knew , u dont work , u cant get anything in return .
the basic human profession was farming , which in its basic form made the family almost basically not in need .
that changed , and human needs grew , and the things we consider now necessities becomes more and more with time .
a solution ? ... in this current world .. non .

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dayz Short
August 22, 2014, 1:07 am -

Actually Lou I see barter coming back into "fashion" out of neccesity. As Wili mentions...jobs will be scarce...so getting one's needs met through the old  you scratch my back I'll scratch yours method will  have no choice but to come in to play. Small communities like the one I live in do (does?) it now...the carpenter builds for the teacher who schools his kids in return. Will this pay the national debt? Not from the litle guys pockets, perhaps those who have been feeding off the middle class and poor will have to step up and pay for it for us. grins...We can shine their shoes for them in return

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Alexander Chapman
September 21, 2014, 1:11 am -

this is an interesting view but in my opinion the jobs wont get less, the entire job inudstry just shifted in the past into the IT Industry, people who would not have had a job many years ago, can now basically do their own thing since most of us own or / and know how to use a pc.

you dont have to be even a nerd for it (you can be, thats entirely up to you). but their are enough examples on the net where you can earn some good money when you just put your time in it (as you would put it in any other regular job).

yes its also true that old fashioned jobs who give you a regulary salary are hard to find, or even new companies prefer to select and you might fall through..but think of the possibilities we have now and we did not had 10 years ago.

As for a country paying off it debts, every country is in debts, thats how the the entire interest rate system works.

even when you have automated processes already in factorys or robots who do things faster like a human would normally do, there is even a bunch of people needed to repair them from time to time (no, they dont do it on their own by now ;)



Greetings, Alex


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