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Fish Hunt Beginner Guide

Randrimlis Resident Posted by in Fish Hunt - October 19, 2014, 11:50 pm


Hey guys, I'm a bit of a forum fanatic, and naturally looked here when I found that I had questions about the fish hunt system. As a beginner, I was disappointed to find that there did not seem to be many great posts that put everything together in one place, so my goal is to compile all that I have learned so that others might find it easier to earn Lindens in the future.

Part 1- Starting your Fish Hunt

The first thing you will want to do when starting your fishing career will be to head to the Fish Hunt HQ. You can easily find the teleport link to the HQ by typing Fish Hunt in your search bar at the top of your screen, it should be the first link to pop up. Once you arrive in the business park, you will see many signs, and a small pool of water with a buoy. Look around and find the closest ad for a free beginner rod (trust me, they are not hard to find), and click it to recieve your free rod and 50 completmentary worms. At this point, you can go right into your inventory, find your fishing rob, and right click it, and set it to wear. It will take about 60s to be ready, but once it is, you can freely fish with your free worms. I would highly recommend searching the marketplace for the Fish Hunt HUD, and using it to travel around lands fishing near buoys.

Part 2- Continuing your Hunt

After a while of fishing, you will find yourself running low on worms, and you will have amassed a small amount of L$ in your account (you can keep up with this by reading the system messages posted in your chat after each cast). To retrieve your money, you will have to return to the HQ, and find one of the ATMs. Click it, then select Withdraw, and the system will round down to the nearest L$, and you will recieve that as a payment. You can then find the sets of barrels nearby, and right click on them, select pay, and choose the amount that you wish to spend on worms. I highly recommend using only the small worms as you get started, because they will give you the most return in the long run.

Part 3- Profit!

Now that you have your next batch of worms, you will be ready to fish anywhere. From here on out, I highly recommend fishing only in locations that have a current x2 or greater bonus active, as this will increase your profits by quite a bit. You are able to find a list of these locations on the Goldtokens.net website, and they have direct teleport links to each one, and most of the teleports will place you right next to the fishing buoy. If you want to pick up a Deluxe or Pro Rod once you have enough L$ to increase your exp gain, that is your decision, but you are able to continue fishing with the basic rod forever.

Part 4- Recommendations

First, use your traveling around the Fish Hunt locations to meet new people. Some people out there are jerks, and will waste your time, but there are several quality people that spend their time enjoying the game just like you and I do. You don't have to become best friends, but chatting while fishing can help ease the tedium.

Second, find things to do while fishing. If you continue to use small worms forever, it will take about 1 minute for each cast. You don't have to spend that time staring at the back of your avatar. Read a book, fold laundry, or anything else to break up the sitting. Sitting and watching your avatar fish is not exciting, so find a away to make that time drag a little less. Honestly, when I first started fishing, I spent my time filling out college and scholarship apps, and it worked out for me.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope that I have somewhat helped clear any confusion you may have had when you started fishing, and I wish each of you the best of luck as you start your careers. Remember to have fun, and spend time living in your first life, as well as experiences the entertainment provided by Second Life.

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dayz Short
October 20, 2014, 4:01 am -

hello  =)   always good to see somebody take such a positive step in sharing knowledge with others \☺/

the guide you were looking for does exist tho - we call it a wiki and it can be found here


or just clik the wiki tab on the site task bar and scroll down to the fish hunt overview on the side bar

use that same sidebar to navigate between specific fish hunt discussions or click the in-text link words . I hope you find what you were looking for there,,,and spread the word! goldtokens wiki =)

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