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An Aide To Finding Lost Items

dayz Short Posted by in General - April 14, 2013, 3:24 am


You've lost that item you just bought....OMG it just poofed when I

tried to rez it and it isn't in my inventory now ! or... I was

wearing it when I logged out and now I can't find it.....or...my sim

crashed and when I logged back in it was gone... or...there are as

many ways to loose something as there are methods to find things. In

most cases, with patience and step by step instructions, these lost

items can be recovered. The important thing is don't panic, save any

needed chat logs that may pertain to the item or issue, and don't

relog until you have tried all other problem solvers first

(important information/data could become lost if proper steps aren't

followed first)

First, understand that to find an item, one needs to understand as

much about the circumstances as possible under which it

dissappeared. Detail is important here, esp if you are getting help

from somebody else to find your item. Vague half-answers can

sometimes cause important info. to be missed, and a forever lost

item could be the end result. So pause and think about what happened

the last time you saw your item, what your actions were, what the

invironment was, ie; SL restarts, crashes, sim owner returned items,

error messages, any other environments that may have had a hand in

poofing your item. If any of these are contained in your local chat

history, bring that up now and copy paste to a notecard, and save.

Now would be a good time to add any purchase transactions of said

item as well. Or if it is fishing related, the stats from your last

cast, or stats that show your linden balance. Anything that pertains

to the missing items will be of use to you later, should anything

need verification, so copy, paste, save !!!

Now, let's make sure your missing item is really missing by double

checking the inventory. Accurate search terms are a must, but so is

manually looking in some key folders. The lost and Found, recieved,

objects, and trash folders are the best bet.Keep your eyes open for

an object icon that looks like a box with tiny boxes in it, and

named object or some other name unrelated to your search item. When

a group of items are returned to you, the owner, from a landowner,

they often come in bulk and may be stored in such a box as

described. The little boxes indicate many items in the same box.

drag this object to ground and check contents for your missing item.

If you are unsure what term to search for in your inventory, check

the purchase transaction for item name, or the place where you

obtained it, or ask somebody with knowledge of the item.

Also check clothing outfit folders. If you were wearing this item

with a certain outfit and changed outfits, did it get saved to that

previous outfit folder and or outfit name?

If you still cannot find the item in your inventory, look around the

area of where you tried to last rez it, if that's when you last saw

it. Sometimes an item will rez just below the surface or behind a

prim land or some other unexpected place. Use your area search, if

that's available in your viewer.

If your lost item still fails to show, it's time to think about

clearing your cache and relogging. This is when you need to save any

vital info., as discussed earlier.

Now, opening your viewer preferences window, locate the tab that

contains the option to clear cache.Browser cache, and inventory

cache. Checkmark these items to clear the caches upon your next

relog. Before logging out, locate a destination to log in to that is

low on prim usage and script counts, as this will help your

inventory reload more quickly when you return. I use a sandbox

called Hippo Hollow for this purpose. You may also by simply typing

this location into your log in window.

All set? Then log out, and log back in when you are ready to allow

some reload time for your inventory. This should begin reloading on

its own, starting from 0 items and counting up until your inventory

number of items is reached. If it needs a nudge, type in the letters

a,e,i,o,u, and some main consonants, one at a time, to help

reloading. It is important that you allow this process to complete

fully, as interrupting it before it does may mean your item remains


When your correct items in inventory total is reached, look once

more in all the previously mentioned folders, and by using the

correct search terms.

Be aware that this process may need to be repeated several times,

and that your item may take more than one day to reappear.

If you still cannot find your long lost item, contact a staff

directly related to that item, who may have some additional

suggestions or resolutions.

SL , with it's many re-starts and crashes and generally

unpredictable behavior, can wreck havoc on an innocent inventory

item. When it does, please understand that the creators and or

sellers of this item are not responsible for items gone missing due

to SL antics. Except what help they offer for what it is..and be

prepared to provide whatever information requested.

I hope this guide helps, and if any mis-statements or new help info

can be fixed or added, please feel free to contact with suggestions.

Thank You !

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