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My days tallies for places casts etc

Lunasta Moonites Posted by in General - January 28, 2015, 11:39 am


Ok here is what My days Casts are from each place as i noticed there are some inconsistancies in how many casts i can cast at each place. Thanks to my shubby keeping count I noticed the breaks in the casts. I did have a lil on my rod BEFORE i started fishing i think i had like 20L ish on it.

I crashed at Midwest breedables and my cast count had to be reset to 0 because of SL i appologize.

Place Casts Wiggles Oh Dears L's on rod after finish
Red's Club  1 - 45  5 Wiggles  0  38.27 L$
The Woods  46 - 90  4 Wiggles  0  46.6 L$
Socastee  91 - 135  0 Wiggles  3 Oh Dears  53.69 L$
Advertizing Center  136 - 170  0  0  61.18 L$ Buoy ran out
Stellas Gaming  171 - 215  0  0  68.5 L$
Club Retro Buoy1  216 - 260  0  1 oh Dear  75.68 L$
Mountain Cave Club  261 - 305  2 wiggles  2 Oh Dear  82.37 L$
Babygirls Escort  306 - 350  0  0  91.02 L$
Gollum's Land  351 - 395  1  0  97.95 L$
Lignum Extra  396 - 440  5  0  107.94 L$
PopRocks  441 - 486  0  0  116.01 L$
Zoha Islands  487 - 531  0  0  123.65 L$
Katana's Fishing  532 - 576  1  0  131.59 L$
Midwest Breedables  1 - 44  0  2  140.03 L$
Rebel Rider Biker  45 - 89  3  1  148.01 L$
The Raging Storm  90 - 134  21  0  164.91 L$
Ohana Rock Club  135 - 179  1  0  172.58L$
Second Ads  180 - 224  0  0  179.51L$

After the Second ads Place I ran out of worms and almost shubby food so i stoped for the rest of the day. I used what was on my rod to buy 20L worth of clean water for my farm which will last me a lil while as i had 2 already and i needed 4 so 20L gave me 10 waters which brought me up to 12 total waters. so thats 3 plantings.... went to the ATM and withdrew the rest.

179.51 - 20 for the water = 159.51

I got 79L,,,,, 79.5 went to pay off my farm woot! leaving .32 on the rod! tomorrow i am goin to do trivia for a while! to get money for shubby food and worms!

3,065 left to go!!!

Night guys!

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Lunasta Moonites
January 29, 2015, 11:23 am -

Thank you to the person(s) who donated to this post. I will do daily posts like this to help you all out (i hope) this way ppl knows its info from a real fisher and not a biased person :)

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