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A few reminders while Gold Hunting

TerryDavidd Resident Posted by in General - February 3, 2015, 7:09 am


Gold Hunting is a great way to grab a few extra spending Lindens and make some new friends and also test your abilities against a few hundred other hunters . 

I would like to remind all new ( and old ) hunters and huntresses about some basic gameplay courtesies:

* verbal abuse , harassment , name calling and the like are not acceptable while in the course of hunting .

*   remember that you are a GUEST on each and every Gold Hunt sim and you are expected to act accordingly. This means that you are polite to landowners who host our games , if for some reason you feel you have sufficient proof that there is any wrong doing on a Gold Hunt sim  please contact a game master , do not run into the chatroom and start accusing everyone of cheating .That is a REALLY fast easy way to get thrown out of the chat group.  Take it to Ims with a Game Master.

* It is part of the game , an INTEGRAL part of the game to be able to clean up another hunters coins or gems . It is actually a balance against greed .

* It is NOT part of the game to IM someoen who cleaned up your coin with profanity , threats , nasty innuendos etc .  and you will be called out for this sort of behaviour if it happens . 

* It is NOT part of the game to push someone off of a coin or gem . 

* It is not cool at all to take any coins or gems that a landowner has filled for you or forced a spawn for you nor is it cool to collect coins or gems in  a land that is not open to teh general public ( the penalty for this is pretty rough ~~ it is considered cheating ) 

ALL of the above can carry a penalty . 

So go ahead and have fun hunting but remember to mind your P's and Q's while hunting . 


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dayz Short
February 3, 2015, 7:15 am -

well said  \o/

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TerryDavidd Resident
February 10, 2015, 5:47 am -

Wow , I wrote this a few days a ago trying to clear a few things up and I was checking blogs and am humbled and shocked at the donations here .  Thank you .   This was such a sweet and pleasant surprise  :) 


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