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Ulrich Nansen Posted by in General - February 10, 2015, 11:10 am


An idea that's been roaming in my head for some time is the title "LGH Ambassador"...

Ambassadors job is to search contact with business owners and explain to them about Fish Hunt, that we got fishers that can generate traffic and possible sales etc.

If the ambassador manages to get the business owner into hosting a buoy, then the ambassador receives a profit between 0.1%-1% of future deposits into that buoy (whatever matches the economy of LGH best..)..... alternatively there could be a limit on how many deposits awards the ambassador eg. 10 first deposits and after that it turns into a regular buoy.

The way it could work is that the delivered buoy have a "referal" number in its code (eg. entered through website or owner menu?) that awards the ambassador through their LGH account.

Ambassadors should only be appointed the title by GM's after discussion of said person. (we don't want every joemoo with broken english out there, just a basket of handpicked ambassadors to promote LGH)

As a result LGH would get more buoys, meaning more income for LGH.... and for those buoyowners to feel that the company cares by taking contact themself. winwin situation.

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Selfmade businessman in Second Life, I run several venues, most prominent being Innovation Design (furniture creation with high-quality animations) and Innovation Rental (mixture of 600 skyboxes and platforms spanning over 14 regions), I do highend scripting for various venues, mesh/sculptie creations and texturing, my main applications are 3d-studio, Photoshop and plain ol' Paint for handdrawn Things. the main reasons for me doing fish/coin hunts are purely for the entertainment of seein

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Ulrich Nansen
February 10, 2015, 11:12 am -

This thread was posted in category IDEAS but ended up in General.... maybe worth for one of the programmers to take a look at that please. :)

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