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Allowing your GMs to do their JOB

dayz Short Posted by in General - March 1, 2015, 2:09 am


Could have saved us from losing a fishing sim today.

Once upon a time in a land not so far away.....

There was a GH landowner who placed our coins beneath the water and far far up in the sky...and the people raged!   They muttered and mumbled and wiords like unfair and against the rules and cheater and #$#@@&  and &^%%  were tossed about like hot potatoes and all well within the hearing of this landowner. Fortunantly for our hunters, Terry stepped in and discovered the poor landowner was as new as a.....(whispers....nooob) and was highly confused about how and where to place the coins and gems. After some discussions with Terry, our new landowner was able to correct the mistakes and hold a proper gold rush. And is still holding gold rushes today. And will be with us tomorrow. Because a GM had a chance to do her job, words didn't get out of control and feelings were saved. Good job Terry.

I won't go into them all but situations like this happen...mis-communication or NO communication,,asssumptions get jumped, accusations let loose....fairly often. Because most of our players know to step back and allow a GM to intercede, these situations get resolved.

But, sometimes.....tempers flair and things are sai that one wouldnt say in polite society...or even in the real world. At least I hope not   =O

Maybe the landowner we losty today was a bad egg. It happens. Maybe he wasn't, and a simple one on one discussion with a GM would have resolved the situation to everybodies satisfactiion. We won't know because  i recieved a note with the barrels he returned that said

Dear Daisy,

I am truly sorry but I had to return the barrels to you. I have finished supporting this game after a ......

I won't post the details. Daisy is looking at each one of you, thinking...do we, the staff, seem like we don't care when you message us with issues..Don't we respond quickly and with sufficient elbow greese to show you that we will stand up for you and battle the unjust treatment or right the perceived wrong or ...yada yada yada.


When an issue arrises between you and a landowner, or as a landowner between you and a player, tell us. If we don't hear what it is you'er really trying to say, speak louder, be blunt. :Let us do our jobs so we can continue to prosper and grow our lil community rthe way Wili envisioned us to.

I return you to your normally scheduled yadayada.....

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LunaKital Resident
March 1, 2015, 2:36 am -

I will say that I've never been disappointed when I've contacted a GM about any issue I've had. ATM fail, issue with another fisher, etc. they've always listened  to what I've had to say, and talk through whatever issue it has been. I have always, and will continue to, encourage others with any issue they are bringing up in chat to talk to a GM instead, because they have been so responsive. This is one of the few games I've seen of this size where the staff are all approachable like this, which makes it all the better of a system. Badmouthing anyone else in chat just leads to further hurt feelings and doesn't solve anything.

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