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My Journey Day 3

Designer Artful Posted by in Fish Hunt - April 10, 2015, 11:41 am


Day 3 of statistics

Yesterday didn't fish as I had to work so with today being my day off I am going to fish as much as I can. I have 33L in which to work with so that I can get worms lets see if I can at least double that today.

I have 35 worms on my rod after I fish that out I will add that to my profits from the last 2 days of fishing to get a total. Then turn around and invest it all back into getting worms and try to fish it out completely. To hopefully double my Lindens.

Lets see how today goes

First place

1) xuna's Place - 45 casts later - 10.61 and 20 worms still left so still have to hit 0 worms before I can completely tally out for what I had already spent. So off to place 2.

2) FreeDom - 20 casts later finished my initial worms and gained worms- 15.32 spent 7L to    get more worms to finish out the buoy.
   FreeDom - 25 casts later - 7L and have 20 worms left. On to land 3.

3) Red's Club & Gaming - 23 casts later - 28.45 (no i haven't cashed out yet as i have Ls    on me)  bought another 7L's worth of worms 28 worms was able to get a couple extra as    I caught a deal at .25L a worm but it didnt last long lol.
   Red's club - 22 casts later - 32.86 and 13 worms left. going to cash out and take a    break for lunch be back soon. collected a few coins just before cashing out. they    where right near the atm it was just a few moments couldnt pass up free Ls lol.
   Bought 7L's worth of worms before leaving HQ. Off to location 4. i had 13 worms left    from the last location and with the 26 I bought it brought me up to 39 worms lets see    if i can get a couple +3's to help cover the rest of that buoy.

4) Bound Lotus - 45 casts later - 8.69 and 19 worms left off to location 5

5) CLUB RETRO - 45 Casts later - 18.23 (used 7L to get more worms cause ran out before i finished) have 18 worms left doing one more location and calling it a night.

6) West Haven - 45 casts later - 27.58 (used 5L to get more worms cause i ran out again)
15 Worms left so going to get one more buoy and thats it ugggg....

7) Pochito Land - casted till i ran out of worms - 33L (after getting a 5 coins at HQ)



I finally fished out my inital worms I started with plus the ones I gained at Freedom about halfway into finishing that buoy.  I invested another 7L (as I had that on me) to get the rest of the worms I needed to finish the buoy out. So here are my totals for today as well as the last few days.

15L on Rod after fishing out the last of my worms adding that to the last couple day's fishing profit = 48L is the profit.

I realise now that I need to fish down to 0 worms before I call the day through so I can get a reall estimate of how much I am really getting each day in profits. So I thought today would be atleast a goal of 66L in cash outs.

Buying Worms

7L+7L+7L+7L+5L = 33

Cash outs

33L + 33L = 66  - 33 = 33L in profit for today!


After 3 days of fishing I finnally Made it to the 1,001 points I needed (with plenty to spare) and managed to finally make it onto te website's top players. The site boasts
"105,884 people are part of GoldTokens community Network!" And with the ammount of chatter in the LGH group... as many buoys and gold coin hunting places and places to get snuffle poo *gross* for crafting I tend to believe it. One day someday I would like to be in the top 100.... I know it will be a LONGGGGGGGG way to go but one day I will get there hopefully lol.  To those already there or very close to it grats on your leveling and hard work. Same to those who worked up to get their Magic Shark rods wow that is one expensive rod. Well i am off to bed now ni ni guys! see you in the mornings

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