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The Potheads

The Potheads's Clan Logo

Members: 235

Territory: 0sqm


  1. Clan Management

Co-Leaders>>  Jennaa Jennings, Charlene, (sheila64), Electra (asunda1), xaniy.   Message any of us for information and an interview to join

  1. Elder>> Jennaa Jennings
  2. Elder>>> Charlene
  4. Elder>>>Electra Elizan
  5. Elder: Danerator
  6. Elder>>>>xZahney
  7. Elder>>>lily
  9. KNE Advisor>>> Rico Farspire

( We take this opportunity to honor our past...  Omen, Mystic  and Otterly....who without them we would not be the group we are today)




Welcome to The Potheads! We are a tight Fisherman Clan in Secondlife.  Pothead clan does not charge any clan tax and is completely free to join.  Anyone who joins The Potheads is entering an amazing clan, we stand for each other, having nice fish events hunting fish pots and more!  We are a very active group of fishers with the knowledge base of all Linden Gold Hunter games to help our members to be the most successful fishers/hunters in all SL.  The group is adult only meaning no minors will be allowed to join the in world Pothead group at this time.

Clan Benefits:

Fishing Buoy- Private for members
Farm & Clan Land (private)

Free farming land for members
Group Raffles/ Group Contests
Vendor Discount 10% Farms and Rods (excluding Magic Rod)

Discounted potions for sale on private clan land

The Potheads Clan Forum Posts

Quest for 1 million $L
Kelunis Resident Posted by in The Potheads
June 29, 2014, 2:31 pm - 1,527 Views

After 3 months of being in SL I am really starting to enjoy my time.  My clan, The Potheads, has been the main r..

First 2 Months of Second Life
Kelunis Resident Posted by in The Potheads
June 16, 2014, 4:02 pm - 1,169 Views

Hello SL Players,

I had never heard of second life or L$ until about 3 months ago. I looked into everything..

Leaving and will not be a part of any clan in the future
November 25, 2013, 2:00 am - 2,004 Views
Why i am leaving clan....

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