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The Mafia

The Mafia's Clan Logo

Members: 19

Territory: 0sqm



Clan Leader  & Founder  Seren

Senior Elders Zepron & Yhon Acoustic

Senior Elder/Administrator  Nina

Elder Xfanton & Xtaja

Special Positions...





All descions are discussed withSenior elders, elders, Any disagreements within clan will be dealt with accordingly By Myself Seren 




The linden Mafia Clan





  We began in May 2013 we are a slow steady loyal clan.

 We work hard behind the scenes, we are a team, we work as one but apart independantly .

The clan is made up of strong members with strong personalities  extremely talented members of secondlife in many many diffferent ways, scripters,builders,landlords,property devolopers,business entrepeneurs,djs,dancers     who use the hunting and fishing as relaxing time second to there second life journeys.

 We are not just a fishing/gold hunt clan we are a presence in second life.

The team is looking for good loyal members who know their direction and dont want to leave next week for a different clan that may benefit them  this clan is about helping you but  possibly you helping it too.

Land at Business Park.

Shops at several locations.

The clan provides Fishing Bouys ,Gold hunts. Trivia, Raffles,Lucky chairs,Lucky eggs  ways to win .

The clan Provides Snuffles farming if req, Worm farm land if needed.

Active in K and E

  Clan Tax is 1% that is used on Clan land at business park if there is enough as land is approx 5000 lindens  per month which I have paid previously.

***land use for members ,ability to rez,  free use of shops at high traffic locations to sell your goodies**



Any donations appreciated to help with all clan costs



Clan founded April 2013


We have now incoporated THE MAFIA PENGUIN as our mascot , for the fishers among us ,free shoulder pets for all members, etc Copyright 2014


Please note any defamation of the clan or any of its members by any one in second life will be treated with the correct procedures via linden labs including screen shots, THERE IS A TOS ON SECOND LIFE ONE THAT YOU SIGN EVERYTIME YOU SIGN IN YOU ARE NOT VOID.

The Mafia Clan Forum Posts

The Future's Bright .................The Future's Penguin
September 30, 2014, 6:31 pm - 836 Views
After much deliberation we finally decided on a LINDEN MAFIA MASCOT...... Introducing the Penguin Mafia coming to a Bouy..

Reasons why we do what we do....
April 3, 2014, 9:57 am - 924 Views
I have donated to hope for paws through collecting coins for a long time now and this is why

When A member Of THE LINDEN MAFIA steals all your coins this is..
April 3, 2014, 9:30 am - 1,133 Views
Mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate that primarily practices

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