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Divergent Spirits

Divergent Spirits's Clan Logo

Members: 24

Territory: 0sqm

Divergent Spirits is a small clan with the purpose to enjoy the game in a drama-free environment. The clan has 0% tax and a few clan benefits (see below). In return the clan expect its members to assist each other – within reason – in areas where they can, as well as abide to the code of conduct.

The Divergent Spirits do not aim to be a top contender in Kingdoms & Empires ranking, although perhaps we can compete when it comes to having a good time.

Code of conduct:

  • - No drama
  • - No begging
  • - Act as an adult; treat everyone as you would want to be treated
  • - Represent the clan with respect
  • - Have fun and enjoy the game
  • - Do NOT transfer personal grudges from Second Life to Kingdoms & Empires; personal vendettas will result in either a warning or ultimately in a ban from the clan


Requirements for membership:

If you wish to join the Divergent Spirits there are a few conditions required before your join request can be approved.

- Read and agree on the Code of conduct

- Never attack a fellow clan member unless under mutual agreement e.g. to get rid of an occupation (NOTE: no one but the player under occupation can free themselves; in effect you’d swap out one occupier with another, even if a fellow clan member)

- If you have left another clan with the intension to join Divergent one or both options will apply: 

  •     - Ensure you left in good standing with no ‘bad blood’
  •     - Valid reasons and a 48 hour ‘cool-down’ with no-clan status before joining.

- Please note that, membership of this clan can only happen if you know at least one of its current members. This is only as a precaution to improve the odds that, both you and the clan will 'suit' each other.

- Adults only! If not on paper then as a state of mind

Clan roles and responsibilities - in alphabetic order:

Aedile – Building advisor Vacant

Consul – Co-leader Itsy Wise

Founder – Clan leader Nadia

Legionaries – Members

Master of the sea - Fishing advisor Vacant

Praetor – Military advisor Vacant

Proconsul – Co-leader Grace Wise (the consul's real boss...erhm)

Quaestor – Financial advisor, Master of trade Eustace

Clan benefits include:

- Clan buoy

- Free worm farm spots

- Clan market

Soon to come:

- Clan land at Business Park

- Free clan house

Website: divergentspirits.weebly.com

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