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Gold Sweepers

Gold Sweepers's Clan Logo

Members: 239

Territory: 0sqm

Clan Leader:  We are proud to announce that JimmyFishermanDean has been chosen to be the leader of the clan Gold Sweepers. We have absolute faith that our clan will prosper and become revitalized under his direction \o/

Clan Leader JimmyFishermanDean Resident

Clan Elder: Dayz Short

Clan Elder; Kerrygan

Group Moderator: Daisy



Clan Group: Gold Sweepers ( The group is by invitation only and prospective members must join the clan first to be invited to the group.)

Financial backing for clan gold sweepers is achieved through the generous donations of clan members and the efforts of all in events and raffles, as well as by fishing and coin hunting. Tax has been voted on and going through testing to determine the fairest amount. Current tax 1%

Gold Sweepers charter is one dedicated to helping others succeed...and we call our motto H.O.P.E.  which stands for Helping Our Peers Excel.

Gold sweepers clan group is a highly active chat room where there are always members hanging about chatting. The ambiance is light-hearted and good-natured, the members are friendly and helpful and quick to offer assistance ..be it SL or RL, clan related or not.

Sweepers claims clan-use land at Business Park that clan members use for selling items such as crafted potions and powders, shubbie splits, Goldtokens related items. Can also selll non- Goldtokens related items there if first discussed with clan leader and approved.There is a 3% tax due for all sales made from the clan store - this entire 3% tax is deposited into the clan treasury, and applied towards the rent due for the shop each month.

Sweepers also have a clan land on a private parcel that has a buoy, snuffles for mats collection, trivia, and free farm land for clan members farms.  

Our clan leader is active and available within the sweepers community and we boast  LGH GMs and Elders, as members. We have a vision of becoming a kingdom and then an empire and look to the future where we hope to gain alliances and form friendships to make our clan stronger and more community orientated than any other. Goals achieved in any aspect by working together, a place everyone is welcome, opinions valued and can call home.

We expect our members to abide by the LGH community rules and standards of conduct and those who do not may be subject to removal from our clan. 

If you have been approved as a clan member, be sure to ask to be invited to the clan group as well !

Gold Sweepers Clan Forum Posts

1 shop for ren t5 LINDENS WEEK 20 PRIMS
ervinell Resident Posted by in Gold Sweepers
January 30, 2015, 1:12 pm - 1,248 Views

Only for gold sweeper members

1 shop for rent 5 LINDEN WEEK20 PRIMS
ervinell Resident Posted by in Gold Sweepers
January 30, 2015, 1:10 pm - 960 Views

Only for gold sweepers member

1 shop for rent 1 LINDEN WEEK20 PRIMS
ervinell Resident Posted by in Gold Sweepers
December 20, 2014, 11:30 am - 1,196 Views

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