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AMF Bitcoin (bits) Trading Game

Trade AMF tokens, Earn Bitcoin

AMF Bitcoins bits trading game is a fun trading simulation game that rewards players for playing. Active AMF Tokens traders get a distribution of daily reward in Bitcoin bits. Passive players, those that don't have time to play it daily are rewarded from weekly dividends paid in Bitcoin bits. Try it out and have a trading fun!


How to add your bitcoins to the game

You can deposit your Bitcoin bits to your trading account. By creating a support ticket with your request and we will provide you a bitcoin address you can safely send your bitcoin (bits).

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a virtual currency with real value, as they can be freely and inexpensively exchanged for US Dollars on hundreds of currency exchanges such as Bitstamp and Coinbase.

trading trade frenzy

Traders Benefits

The Traders can benefit from the game by buying low and selling high. From daily rewards based on trading activity and weekly dividends for everyone who bought the AMF Tokens.

Bitcoin Bits deposits

To deposit or withdraw bitcoin bits to
your Account make a ticket at
our Support System.

Bitcoin - best online currency

Bitcoin is more correctly described as the first decentralized digital currency. It is the largest of its kind.

A Variety of Bitcoin Wallets

Choose your bitcoin wallet for transacting and storing your Bitcoins.

Top 10 Bitcoin wallets.

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