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My brother Jonn & his Buisnes partner left the fish hunt a while ago and have left me a small area to have my own, i cant promise you huge events but i like to help out once and a while so if you want to here the sound of waves the ocean, a beautiful sim to wander a bit and just fish, then come and visit !!! use the Fish Land menu to find us !! & if you see me , say hya Gata ;) I dont bite ! only the fish do , hahaha, GATA'S ROCK N ROLL FISH HUNT, NOW for some odd reaon the slurl doesnt work but it will be posted at the bottom of this paragraph ! please dont use the VISIT THIS LAND NOW! Either touch the Eclipse Isle name at the end of the Fish Hunt Menu List or copy the slurl below, I have spent three days tring to change the image and the slurl which is correct and nothing works to change this page i tried to get in touch with a rep nothing so do this !      COPY - PASTE //


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SURL has been fixed

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