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Land Of Goodness


or copy to your chat in Second Life:

We Have a Maze up in the sky Try it out! Boat House and nice spots to sit and chat or things to do as well.Shop - items are here and there - 
TIPS/Shop sells go back to helping keep coins out. and providing cool things to have around.
Please have fun hunting and do COME BACK and Hang Out! walk the maze and say HI! Let Me know what you enjoyed!

I do have a sky box - there is a tp to it but knock first before dropping in Please =D NO COINS IN SKYBOX -
I don't mind if you vist if I'm are not home =^..^= 

Coins will be on ground and up in other sky spaces.. I do tend to hind some very well - can you fin dthem all?? =^..^= 
Tp at entry - ENJOY!


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Posted by ZettaBerry in General
September 15, 2019, 8:22 am
Just Spark That JOY!

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