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Noob Hunt - Guide to Apprenticeship

Train a new generation of fishers and gold hunters using Noob Hunt Apprenticeship System

If you're an experienced fisher or hunter you can get Second Life to work for you by recruiting new players who have not yet collected any coin with Gold Hunt or equipped a Fish Hunt rod.
You can only add new player as your apprentice if they are not yet taking part in Gold or Fish Hunt games


2) Find some players within 98m range and click "recruit apprentice"
3) An attractive message offering to earn them linden will be sent to them. Wait to see if they accept.
4) Once they have accepted your well advised to give them information about the Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt games. The more info you give them the more likely they are to start earning linden for you.
5) Withdraw your earnings from our ATM at the HQ.

Earn L$ while you sleep as your new fisher and gold hunter friends that you've introduced into Fish and Gold Hunt game fish and hunt!

Once a player becomes your apprentice you'll get credited a bonus equivalent to 5% of their earnings from Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt. If you get 100+ apprentices then you will earn 10% for each of your apprentices. You can trade apprentices who perform well with other Masters!
*5-10% commission that you get does not decrease the earnings apprentices make in the games the extra L$ you get on are donated by the game owners.

Trade your best performing apprentices who earn you 5-10% commissions daily

You can trade your apprentices in Apprentice Trade Hub.
To Buy an apprentice click Buy Apprentice button on NOOB HUNT and follow instructions on local chat.
To Sell an apprentice click Sell Apprentice and follow instructions on local chat.
The list of all apprentices that have been sold can be accessed here: Apprentice Sales History

When you buy an apprentice:
50% goes to Master/Seller
25% goes to Apprentice as a reward
25% is sales commissionTo see the list of all apprentices you have and the L$ they have earned for you so far click on a little round stats button located next to Recruit Apprentice button on NOOB HUNT.

So what are you waiting? Get your NOOB HUNT HUD from Second Life Marketplace and start looking for new friends that will fish and hunt with you and when you sleep they will keep play and make precious L$ for you. *Hi5*!
10,199 Kingdom Coins were distributed daily in 2017! In 2018 only 3423. Only 1000 in 2020. Kingdom Coins are limited in total supply. Read more at Kingdom Coins explained