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Total Earnings: 9,348L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 3,490 (1,583 EXP)  down1,583

Fish Hunt Rank: 916 (197,553 EXP)  down245

Gender: Male, Partner: Rebel2011 Resident

I have several years of geek experience lol. Been in the computer field for over 30 years including running large IT departments. I came to SL to relax and do things I like. Building is an obsession of mine so that is the first thing I do. I do custom builds with custom graphics and I have just started beating myself up "re learning" Blender to do meshing on here lol. I believe if we stop challenging ourselves then we just slowly die.

Rebel and I met on Yahoo 15 years ago and we are a RL couple as well as in SL.

One of my biggest challenges in SL is trying to keep Rebel from wanting to redo the sim we  have every other day lol JKKK !!!!!

Other than that you have to get to know me and ask me to know more ;P


Come see our Sim and do some Hunting both Gold Coins and Fishing - NOTE we are an ADULT ONLY SIM !!!! Sorry no Child Avi's

Midnight Madness Machines Creations / WhiteRebelWolf Creations


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Midnight Madness Machines Creations / WhiteRebelWolf Creations
anerd Resident Posted by in Lands
May 15, 2013, 6:27 pm - 1,622 Views
To sum it all up! Midnight Madness Machines Creations and WhiteRebelWolf Creations has what you need! Products both Fu..

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