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Total Earnings: 1,979L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 11,363 (164 EXP)  down5,751

Fish Hunt Rank: 2,377 (21,532 EXP)  down656

Gender: Female

Thanks For taking a little peep at my Bio. 

I've been on second life for a few years now - not constantly.. lol, right from my first few days everyone i've met have been friendly, helpful and fun.  I guess i've been really lucky.

During my time on SL i've learnt to build and create, even learned how to use Photoshop with the help of some friends.  I spend a lot of time creating clothing, buildings, and now plants gardens and STUFF.. lol.  If only DIY in RL were as simple as waggling a mouse and pointing an arrow. 

Speaking of RL .... I live in the UK and work hard Mon - Fri in a hospital.  I seem to miss a lot of my friends on SL due to time differences, and through being knackered! :) 

Please feel free to say hello, ask me any questions you have about SL and i'll try to answer, i'm no expert, but i'd like to pay back the kindness and helpfulness i had when i first started using SL.

Have Fun, Stay Safe,

Cerri xx

Cerridwen Melody's Blog Posts

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May 12, 2014, 12:20 pm - 929 Views

New fishing spot now available at "The Mall", Cerri's Place.

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Winter Village, Christmas at Cerri's Place.
November 8, 2013, 10:25 pm - 783 Views

Snow is falling over Cerri's place.  Come and visit the winter village. 

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