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Desiderata Lisle's Profile

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Total Earnings: 79,978L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 20 (521,098 EXP)  down3

Fish Hunt Rank: 266 (884,433 EXP)  up69

Gender: Female

As it says in my SL profile, I'm a single woman, retired, who lives in Washington DC. I coin-hunt and fish for shopping lindens;

my main purchases are stuff for my house and my avatar. I also like SL "live" performances, even though they lag out and lock up

my laptop. I crash alot... if I've left a coin, I'll probably relog in the same place hoping it's still there; I do NOT sim-hop, ever. And I

despise cheaters, campers, sim-hoppers, and the coin-suckers who've ruined the coin hunt.