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Elysa Swansong's Profile

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Total Earnings: 0L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 56,981 (0 EXP)

Fish Hunt Rank: 45,645 (0 EXP)

Gender: Female

Halloes. I'm Elysa. I'm a builder, and most of what you see on Anoron is made by me (or I wish it had been, like the gypsy wagons and the clouds ballroom). I created the sim to be enjoyed, and I derive great satisfaction from seeing other people enjoy the sim. I also have a store, Elegance by Elysa, which I'm not sure how to post a slurl here but if you open my profile inworld it's in my picks, naturally! Also I"m on MP at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/72425. I make furniture mostly, for modern, medieval & Gor homes, with lots of cuddles stuff, meditation, and just basically anything that comes to my mind to make at any given time. I"m entirely Muse driven :)  I'm also on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/elysa.swansong, feel free to add me!

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