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Total Earnings: 5L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 23,232 (26 EXP)  down23,232

Fish Hunt Rank: 13,008 (544 EXP)  down13,008

Gender: Male, Partner: Sir Joab Zane-Philbin

Loyal to KIng Azzan my High King. We are an honorable family If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any of our family I was born in Europe and during a cold winter night in the year 825 was bitten by a vampyre at the age of 35 Not aware that my humanity was slowly draining I awoke the next day in a stranger's home with a thirst for blood...sweet nectar As the years passed i made my way around the globe collecting children all very special to me Now in USA I miss home see picks King in Devils of Darkness Vampire, Lycan, Angel, Demon, and Human. 

10,199 Kingdom Coins were distributed daily in 2017! Now in 2018 only 3423. Kingdom Coins are limited in total supply. Read more at Kingdom Coins explained