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Total Earnings: 193L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 79,495 (0 EXP)

Fish Hunt Rank: 21,661 (547 EXP)  down829

Gender: Female, Partner: Bret Foxglove

Lucy Foxglove first joined sl in August 2007. Switching accounts, she became apart of a fan club in 2010 when PlayFurry was first founded. In May 2012, she took over PlayFurry making it a pin up magazine instead of keeping it as a trading card like group. Having ownership of the magazine along with her husband Bret, she runs the most qualifying fortica on the grid. 

Her skills are web design, SL modding, and her new found hobby Photoshop editing a full magazine volume on her own P.F Poker Tarot Vol. 1. 

Character page found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lucymacabre/ with information on PlayFurry and :mused: milking family along with looks on different fur characters. 

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Foxglove Family Farms - Now having Nude Fishing!
May 21, 2013, 9:16 am - 4,485 Views

Hello everyone ^^

For most who have those clothing issues or find clothing over rated, we now have the opti..

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