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Total Earnings: 0L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 44,135 (10 EXP)  down814

Fish Hunt Rank: 65,185 (0 EXP)

Gender: Male, Partner: Eris Tylman

Just a man making my life enjoyable doing what I love. Built my own DJ Booth (yes in REAL LIFE), Server and I'm here ready to have a good time and ready to share a Smile with anyone. You can Ask, And I'll Tell. There's a person Behind EVERY Ava.

I do a number of things in SL

I lease SkyHomes! Lease DJ Streams! Own a Club! Own a Mall! And I even have Friends!

SHOUTcast By AsapCpu Streams
All Streams ☞  Unlimited Listeners
All Streams ☞  128 Kbps (Higher Also Available)
All Streams ☞  Instant access
All Streams ☞ 24/7 Usage

Without WebSite  ☞   L$500 PER MONTH
With Website ☞   L$1000 PER MONTH

My Skyhomes are as low as 200L per month and as High as 375L a Month.

My Club it the Mutiny Bay Beach Club and the Mall is part of the Mutiny Bay Beach Resort.

Everything that I do is a Great Value, because I got tired of paying so much for everything in SL and I figured if I can help others to enjoy their Second Life then it will make My Second Life enjoyable :-)

I aim to please, and do a good job of it too!

See you in world


Melchzadak Tylman's Blog Posts

Mutiny Bay Beach Club & Treasure Trove
February 1, 2014, 1:22 pm - 1,151 Views

Avast! You don't need to be a pirate to rebel against boring! Mutiny Bay Beach Club & Treasure Trove has ever..

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