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NeverForgetTheSoldier's Profile

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Total Earnings: 2,143L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 586 (23,373 EXP)  down230

Fish Hunt Rank: 50,997 (0 EXP)

Gender: Male

I am married, and I am VERY happy with my marriage.  My wife trusts me to be a friend to those in need.  I will be a good friend whenever you need help.  It is simply how I am wired.  I have another avatar called MadHatter.  I had problems with one of my avatars turning into a cloud so I started over from scratch.  They now both work . . . so I guess I wasted some money.  I don't know why the problems occurred; the point is they did, and I created another avatar as a result.  However, I am the same person.  I keep both avators simply because I like them.  I like the MadHatter because he is unique.  I like Clark because I am and always will be a Beatles fan and tried to create something that looked like a Beatle.  I don't think I came close, but I tried.  I go by Clark Christianson, but my handle is NeverForgetTheSoldier, and yes, I did spend time in the military . . . more specifically the army.  I saw some good things and bad things in the military, but I learned a lot from my experiences.  Regardless, you can call me Clark or Mad.  I am not "mad," in fact, I am just the opposite.  I am a very content guy who loves the journey he is on in this lifetime.  If you need a friend I will be there for you.  You can count on it.  Even if you are not in the military or have ever been in the military, you will be considered my brother or sister here in second life.  We all have battle scars and we are all brothers and sisters. 

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