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Gold Hunt Rank: 79,309 (0 EXP)

Fish Hunt Rank: 33,674 (500 EXP)  up782

Gender: Male


Paulo Mota "Kaiux-Primex", was born in 1986 in the city of Mirandela "Portugal" and currently living in Paris.

From a very young age he showed a great interest in everything that involved the world of music.
In 2001, he had his first contact with the music world, starting to explore the program Fl.Studio, in which he showed great interest and continued until today.
But it was in 2004 that he found his musical genre and was fascinated by the hypnotic sounds of Trance and Hardcore.
For 5 years he has dedicated himself to djing, but his passion for trance and the need to achieve new goals lead him to produce his own music. He started in Fruit Loops, Logic Audi Platinum, Nuendo and Cubase. Currently using Fl.Studio 12.
His music is melodic, with hot bass, energetic Kicks, fun effects and infectious felecity. His music is influenced by many renowned artists in the world of psy trance music, such as Eskimo, Azax Syndrom, Outer Signal, Bliss, Painkiller, etc ...
In the last 5 years living in Paris Kaiux-Primex soon discovered the taste for "Hardcore", leading to produce beautiful melodies of "Acidcore" "Tribecore" "Hardtek" etc ...
But always maintaining its own style and originality.
Kaiux-Primex offers us a new, futuristic and more joyful vision of trance and hardcore music.

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