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Total Earnings: 28,597L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 4,322 (950 EXP)  down1,856

Fish Hunt Rank: 2,472 (17,345 EXP)  down628

Gender: Male

Ok well this will be my SL biography, since we're here.  I've been around SL for about 7 years and very early on I became involved in land activism.  Through trying to get a 20m ad tower right next to my home moved (if you've been in SL long enough you will remember the ad towers), I met lots of good folks from the Arbor Project and the AD Zoo.  Some of us spent our time blocking said ad towers with sky panels, much to the wrath of their owners.  We started meeting every week with Jack Linden in his office hours (remember them?).  Those were wild meetings with boths sides of the issue represented - ah Robo Marx, where are you these days?  Anyway, the result was that LL listened to us and came up with the guidelines for advertising in 2008 or so.  Poof! bye bye ad towers!  We also got LL to outlaw land cutting as an extortion technique.  Things have quieted down since the days of the AD Wars, but I'm still an officer in the Arbor Project and have my own group, Direct Action Land Repair, so if you need any help with a land issue, maybe I can help - hit me up!  In RL, I'm a high school biology teacher, going on 18 years.

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Take some, give a little...please.
Rem Nightfire Posted by in General
May 23, 2014, 7:45 pm - 759 Views
A few Lindens donated to land owners maybe seems insignificant, but if many people did this it would help so much.

Come and fish!
Rem Nightfire Posted by in General
March 9, 2014, 7:03 am - 733 Views

Hello folks.  I love fishing and I wanted to make a nice spot for people to fish at my waterfront land.  I&..

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