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Rypsys Zapatero's Profile

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Total Earnings: 48,769L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 2,775 (2,440 EXP)  down1,254

Fish Hunt Rank: 333 (964,200 EXP)  down85

Gender: Male

Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm a looney toon and a king. I'm a God and a poor guy. I'm a leaf and an animal. I'm a muppet and my best friend is Elmo. If you want to know me better, google me, I'm wikipedia!

This is me, typing blind: khgljhsfjkasdjhdljhflsdlkj43usjhflks
but I think I forgot a space somewhere

Rypsys Zapatero's Blog Posts

Rypsys Zapatero Posted by in General
February 15, 2020, 11:15 am - 23 Views

Buoy and Votebox are set. Landscaping done, Parcel set with nice animals, moneychairs, Snuffles and many more. Have f..

Not so right
Rypsys Zapatero Posted by in General
February 5, 2020, 5:27 pm - 59 Views

Well if you vote on my fish hunt vote box, the title says starlake and the slurl brings you to a land that doesn'..

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