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Total Earnings: 310L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 5,147 (389 EXP)  down1,328

Fish Hunt Rank: 5,108 (1,369 EXP)  down671

Gender: Female, Partner: As soon as I know I will tell :-D

Soooooo HIIIII!!!

I am Sameirah, but most people call me Sam or Sammy.

I play a kid, a furry, a cat, a neko... What ever I feel like. I love love love love to fish. It's one of my favorite things to do in SL. Fishing is good. But this rod I've got me.. Is freaking huge. I might fall over with it. Wondering if there are any smaller ones :-D

There, that is all ya need to know for now :-D Soooo getting ready for more fishing adventures. Did I mention??? I love love love love love fishing?

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