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Total Earnings: 261L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 2,719 (2,262 EXP)  down1,155

Fish Hunt Rank: 6,472 (1,567 EXP)  up3,583

Gender: Female

Back after a long absence and everything has changed!  So many places gone and so many new.  Oh wowo mesh looks great.  I feel so outdated now.blush

Luckily Gold Hunt to the rescue!  I can earn Lindens for my avatar refit while finding all the new shops to buy stuff and all the great places to visit and fun at in my new gear.  Awesome!


Oh, if you're both feeling charitable and happtne to need cheap potions, you can help make Second Life a prettier place by contributing to my "update my avatar funds" when you buy cheap potions at my makeshift store:


There's a forced landing point under a portculis entry.  Just turn hard right and walk to the end of the row.  My potions are right at the front of my store. 

I also have a Fish Hunt affiliate vendor up if you need any rods or bouys. 


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Has the Game TOS changed?
Solinde Resident Posted by in Gold Hunt
July 24, 2014, 6:02 pm - 1,822 Views

I logged on today and went off to hunt gold and was confronted by a sign that tells me I have to join the group or be..

Happy Dance Time (Aka Lindens: The First Century)
Solinde Resident Posted by in General
October 5, 2013, 1:30 pm - 730 Views
It's surprising how fast all those coins add up!

10,199 Kingdom Coins were distributed daily in 2017! Now in 2018 only 3423. Kingdom Coins are limited in total supply. Read more at Kingdom Coins explained