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TryenTolive's Profile

TryenTolive Resident's Profile Image

Total Earnings: 2,336L$

Gold Hunt Rank: 665 (19,365 EXP)  down258

Fish Hunt Rank: 51,042 (0 EXP)

Gender: Male

I am very, very happily married.  I am a gentleman and always believe in treating others with respect.  I will be a friend if you ever need to have a friend.  I believe in respecting others no matter how they treat you, but I am no doormat.  In terms of being a friend, that means I will be kind and at times honest.  I do not believe in being superfical.  I do have two avatars that look the same, one is named Clark Christianson.  I apologize if that confuses anyone.  I had problems with my first avatar that kept disappearing into a cloud so I created another one.  They both work now.  That was a bit of money that went down the drain, but oh well . . . live and learn.  So call me Mad or call me Clark.  I am one in the same and will always be a loyal friend. 

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