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You can buy worms from any Worm Exchange Barrel - most fishing spots have one nearby. To buy worms you should follow these steps:

*Touch the barrel to update the latest prices, that displayed in hovertext above the barrel.

*Right click the barrel and select "Pay" and then enter the amount you would like to purchase.

Once you have bought a worm it gets added to your account until you use it.



The following worm types can be purchased from any Worm Exchange Barrel set. The price of worms changes depending upon changes in supply and demand.

worm type experience points lottery
No Worms +0 none
Small Worms +0 low chance
Tasty Worms + 2 medium chance
Enchanted Worms +3 high chance
Magic Worms +10 high chance

Many of our members have found that farming their own bait helps alleviate the cost of fishing by 20%.

To learn more about this, see our Farm Frenzy getting started wiki page.


You must be entirely OUT of worms for this to work

Log in to

Click your settings folder located under the Home tab

Enable the "no worms/tiny worms" option located under the "Preferences - Set Prefered Bait" section

Click the button marked "Change Bait Preference"

You will need to log out of Second Life now and then log back in.

Cast at a buoy. You will see a message in local chat that states you have no worms. Cast again to begin fishing without worms.

Fishing without bait can be done from any rod and at any buoy by anybody.

Each cast will be approximatly 500 seconds long.

When you have enough lindens earned to buy some small worms you may use the ATM to cash out.

You must then log back in to the Goldtokens website and change your bait preferences to a worm type.

Choosing magic worms allows the system to load your rod with all worm types, beginning with the best worms and working down the list to smalls.

  • If your worm purchase fails you will need to file a ticket with our HelpDesk,

staff does not have the funds to make restitution nor the authority to bypass the payment system set in place.