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Welcome to Fi$h Hunt!
Explore beautiful sims across the grid as you sit back and get some fishing done.
You'll earn linden as you catch fish. All you need to start is a fishing rod and a place to fish.

Use your FREE Fishing Rod or pick one at our marketplace store:


Step 1: Wear your Rod

  • First of all you need to wear your fishing rod. You should find it somewhere in your inventory. Take a look in 'Recent Items' if you just ordered it from the marketplace.
  • There is a countdown that will be displayed at the tip of your rod. You need to wait for it to count down before you can use it.

Step 2: Fishing

  • Fishing starts when you touch your Beginner Fishing Rod within 40 meters of a valid fishing buoy. You can find these using the Fish Hunt HUD.
  • It will start counting down for a minimum ‘wait time’ that will be shown on the tip of your rod.
  • Once the countdown is over your Goldtokens Account will be credited with the relevant amount.

Step 3: Withdrawing your earnings

  • Withdrawing your earnings couldn’t be easier. Just visit the Fish Hunt Headquarters and click on one of the ATM machines.
  • Provided you have at least 1L$ on your Goldtokens Account you’ll be sent your earnings immediately. Otherwise, you might have to find some more fish before you can withdraw.

Step 4: Finding even better lands

  • You can find the best lands to visit using our Fish Hunt Multiplier Events list. Don't forget to use the voting stations to show your appreciation!

Step 5: Multiply your earnings at events

  • At multiplier events you can earn up to 10 times as much as you would at a normal fishing buoy. Check out our multipliers events list to see what is happening right now!


  • You are allowed a minimum of 41 casts per buoy per day.
  • Rod upgrades will allow more casts per buoy.
  • Using the small, green worms guarantees profit for all levels of experience points.
  • Fishing without worms extends your cast timer to 800 seconds.
  • You "spook" or "deplete" a buoy when you run out of allowed casts for that buoy on that day.
  • Leaving a buoy before you have fished out all of your casts will spook you to that buoy for 24 hours