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Materials (mats) are the ingredients needed to craft. Mats are part of your resources and can be viewed here


*toxic mushrooms

*dried evil mushrooms



*clean water


*worms (small, tasty, enchanteds, magic)


Where Do I Get Mats

Mats can be gained through fishing, gold hunting, and collecting from snuffles resource sites.

They can also be bought from the Crafting Hut at Fish Hunt Head Quarters.

What Can I Do With Mats

Besides using them for crafting, you can also sell your mats to others. This is where you go to sell them.

Clicking the bin initiates the sell/buy menu. This menu and local chat will help you complete your sell order with ease.

How Much Can I Sell My Mats For?

The going rate for Mats is displayed in the hover text over the bin. Click the bin one time to make sure the value is current.

You can set the sale price of your Mats lower or higher or for the same amount. The lowest priced sell first, and then the next lowest and so on. Setting them too high will hamper them being sold and setting them too ;low will not only harm the market value but will hardly make selling them worth your time. It is generally best to sell for the price listed as current market value.