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Biowaste Composter ingredients

1 Water

100 Snuffle Poo

100 Fishes

Growth duration 3 days.

Output: 50 Biowaste

Composter needs to be watered 10 times to reach harvest, this doesn't require any clean water, just someone clicking on it to water (like sunflowers), roughly once every 7hrs 12mins and you can set a reward for a person watering it.

List of composters will appear here when needing watering: http://www.goldtokens.net/watering-composters

  • Note: if a reward is not offered/set they will not list on the watering site.

When planted there will be a orange hovertext above composter with its % completed.

Blue hovertext with 'click to water' will show when it is due to be watered. Once clicked it will countdown during watering process and then show who watered it. If it wasn't the owner then the reward (if one is set) will be paid into their LGH account. After a little time hovertext will return to orange with % completed. If it sits waiting to be watered the % progress of the harvest will not progress until it has had that watering.

Owner can click at any time to show remaining time left until harvest will be complete.

You can view one in use here - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/110/219/21


Inworld vendor for Biowaste Composter: 9740 L$

SL Marketplace 9990 L$

Can be purchased here

In World: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20Park/174/252/22

On Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Biowaste-Composter-Market-Economy-Farming-Game/16211810

Menu System

Start - To plant the ingredients and start the cycle of the harvest. You will get confirmation in nearby/local chat and see orange hovertext when started.

Reward - Set a reward people can get for watering the composter for you.

  • First you get to choose between a reward of lindens or gold.
  • In gold menu, you can add +1, +10, +50 and stack up to desired reward and click confirm to set. Reset if you add different to what you wanted or Cancel to leave that menu.
  • In Linden menu, you can choose +0.10L$, +0.20L$, +1L$ and stack up to desired reward and click confirm to set. Reset if you add different to what you wanted or Cancel to leave that menu
  • When you confirm you will get confirmation in nearby chat and it will reserve needed amount of the entire harvest period of the reward you choose from your LGH account. Therefore you will not be able to cash out that amount of lindens or use/sell the gold set as reward. Any not used after harvest is complete will return to normal in LGH account.
  • Note: reward must be set prior to starting composter or you'll need to wait until next time and that round will not have reward set or previous reward set.
  • Note: Reward needs to be set every new harvest, it will revert back to no reward by default after a harvest is done.

Leave - Self explanatory.


When your harvest is done you will see the orange hovertext say "Biowaste is ready for Collection! 100% completed"

Click the composter to collect, you will get confirmation in nearby chat of your harvest and then you can start a new one.

Upon collection of your harvest you will also be rewarded with +1 farming experience.