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Voting refers to the ability to vote for lands through a Vote Station or through the Goldtokens HUD.

Vote Station

  • Vote Stations help determine where a land is placed on the Goldtokens website land lists.
  • When a landowner has a Vote Station placed, the accumulated votes are kept with the land owner, not in the Vote Station itself.
  • This ensures land votes aren't lost should a new Station be needed.
  • A new Station would be needed if the Landowner moves to a new land or the Station itself becomes non-functional.
  • Vote Stations reward those who click them by paying them one gold material per click.
One click per month is allowed per each account holder.
  • Vote Stations are available from our Market Place store or from in-world staff.
  • One Station per land or sub-parcel is all that's needed. Having 2 or more would lower the vote count and therefor lower the
land placement on our website.
  • Landowners can also access their website backdoor land setting through the Station. Links are given to do this when Landowner
clicks their Station.


Due to player misuse, voting for a land through the HUD is no longer possible. However, using the HUD to vote a land does reward the player with an amount of gold materials.
  • To vote for a land with the HUD, one must firsdt use the HUD to find a land and go to that land and then vote it.
  • You cannot be at a land and then vote for it with the HUD . You must go to one offered by the HUD
  • You can only vote one time per month per user account for each land.