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Declare War

Select which player's settlement you wish to attack.
This is where you can manually enter another settlement's name to attack.
this field is autofilled with the settlement's name if you click a attack_button.png button on other pages for ease, all it then requires is a click on "Declare War" and your troops will be on the way.
A war takes 3 hours to complete, but can be reduces by 16 minutes for each icon_silver_bar.png used.. to make a war happen instantly, it costs 12 icon_silver_bar.png
To find settlements you can attack visit "Top Lords" page or "K&E Contest" page.
When you win a war against certain settlement they fall under your occupation for 1 week. They can break out from your occupation sooner by attacking you back and win the war

Protect from Attacks

1x silver raises your shield for 28 minutes. (pay 26 silver to protect for next 12 hours)
This feature secures your settlement with a global shield, that makes you unable to get attacked by other settlements, while your shield is active.

Your Army

icon_attack.png Attack Points - This defines how much attack you have in a war where you are the attacker, the outcome is defined by the settlement icon_defense.png defending against you.
icon_defense.png Defense Points - This defines how much defense you have in a war where you are the defender, the outcome is defined by the settlement icon_attack.png attacking you.
icon_soldier.png - Each spearman provides 10 icon_attack.png and 9 icon_defense.png
icon_pirate.png - Each pirate provides 1 icon_attack.png and 2 icon_defense.png

You are defending from

This section alerts you if anyone have an war moving towards you and how long it will take until their army is at your footstep, during this time, you can adjust your army size, however, you can not void the war by putting up a shield.

Your last 10 WARs

Here you can find the last 10 wars that you have taken part in, there are 2 outcomes of any war made, "attacker have won" or "defended"
If the attacker have won, then it will list how much material they got away with.
If you held your ground by defending against your attacker, then it will list if you captures any of their spearmen and/or pirates.