Daily Bonus

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Daily Bonus

Each day you can collect a daily bonus, which awards you with multiple things and xp.
The following are the daily bonus, that each settlement can receive:

Silver Bars

If you have your Silver Mine active and have 10 bread in your balance then you receive Silver Bars.

Specialization Bonus

Based on which Specialization you selected when you created your settlement, you will receive your daily bonus benefits here.

Experience: 10x <img src="star_experience.png" width="18" height="18">

For each day you collect your Daily Bonus, you will receive 10 XP and 1000 K&E Points (Used for the daily K&E Rewards).

Tax Bonus (7 conquests): 7x icon_wheat.png

Based on how many settlements you currently have under your control, you will receive 1 wheat per settlement.
In the above example, 7 conquests is under the settlement's control, thus receiving 7 wheat as bonus.